Kathy P.

16 Apr
Thank You Gilbert by the time I arrived home from work the faucet was replaced! Your response for service is exemplary!!! Have a wonderful day:-) Kathy...
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Mark C

16 Apr
Gilbert, I appreciate the customer service that I get from you and GoRenter.com. Mark...
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Codey J.

3 Jan
I just want to say I’ve had a good experience with you guys this far. No unreasonable charges and always a timely and professional response. Codey...
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Josh E.

13 Jul
Gilbert,  I just wanted to follow up and let you know the AC issue has been resolved. I know we have had a few maintenance calls this month as we have been settling in but I do want to take...
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Gabriela S.

20 Jun
Thank you for the prompt response!  Really amazed about the great and quick service.  My family was able to have a cool and nice sleep and weekend. Gabriela...
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Ellaine G.

9 Jun
Stephanie, I was not sure who to express my sincere appreciate to for the way GoRenter, the owners and AC Company sprang into action over the repairs/replacement of the AC Unit.  Our family is extremely grateful to you all especially during...
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Gary H.

13 Apr
Gilbert, Jacob did a wonderful job.  Door knob replaced and problem fixed. He is a fantastic handyman & employee. What a great representative of your company. Thank you for your quick response today.  You are great at your job, too....
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Muriel R E

7 Apr
Gilbert, Repairmen were just here and completed the repair in a fast and efficient manner. They were very professional and most importantly they cleaned up all the debris after they were through. Thank you for your help. Muriel R...
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Dottie P.

21 Mar
Alan, thanks again for managing the property for us, I realized we did pay for the service, but you made it easy for us to be landlords. I don’t think we would have kept the property these past 6 years...
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2 Mar
Hi Gilbert, I meant to write earlier but I have been laid up with a bad back. It is important to share with you that the steps taken by Phillip exceeded expectations. He went above and beyond. His knowledge is...
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